Aurore Flipo

Aurore Flipo is a sociologist and postdoctoral researcher at the Transport, Urban Planning and Economics Laboratory (LAET) in Lyon and associate researcher at the PACTE Laboratory (University of Grenoble-Alps). After completing a PhD on intra-european work migrations (defended in 2014 at Sciences Po Paris and published in 2017, Rennes University Press), she codirected a panel study on international mobility of French residents (Elipss panel). Since 2016, she investigates social inequalities related to the social uses of space (mobility and proximity resources), more specifically in rural settings.

Les dimensions sociales et spatiales du coworking : un état de l’art Peer review

Aurore Flipo et Patricia Lejoux | 03.04.2020

Born in 2005 in San Francisco and spread in Europe in the 2010s, the coworking spaces (CS) have progressively appeared as symbols of the new lifestyles and work processes derived from the digital revolution. This « new economy » has generated both forms of liberation from the spatial and temporal constraints, and new needs of co-presence and social interactions. CS have thus appeared as a potential answer to some of the social and spatial contemporary issues. While coworking as [...]