Michael Jonas

Michael Jonas is a senior researcher in the Sociology department of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna (Austria). Following a praxeological perspective, he is currently researching social inequality, injustice and unsustainability in world society. Using the enactment of the so-called Fairtrade market in Austria as empirical research field, for instance, he is presently looking at whether this phenomena might be interpreted as part of a moralization of economic markets or as example of an (ongoing) economic colonialisation of morals. In doing so, Jonas seeks to combine a wide range of approaches from various disciplines like sociology, philosophy, economic sciences, political sciences and geography.

Pratiques spatiales.

Mathis Stock et Michael Jonas | 31.03.2015

Geography and other social sciences like sociology, anthropology on the one hand, and philosophy and other humanities on the other, engage conceptually and empirically with the spatiality of human societies. There is now a range of very different theoretical perspectives that are incommensurable, spanning from phenomenology-oriented endeavors — where the relationality of intentionality-driven space is acknowledged [...]

The dean on the raft.

A critical plea for the combination of Ted Schatzki’s and Jean Hillier’s socio-spatial approaches.

Michael Jonas | 12.03.2015

Dans cet article, je plaide pour la combinaison des approches de Theodore Schatzki et de Jean Hillier. La première partie identifie et discute les aspects centraux de l’approche des emplacements sociaux de Schatzki et de l’approche de la planification stratégique de Hillier. Ensuite, j’argumente que l’approche de Schatzki serait plus convaincante et intéressante pour la recherche en géographie si elle intégrait des aspects de pouvoir, qui sont, eux, centraux dans l’approche de Hillier. Suivant la perspective appelée « radicale [...]