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Expérience urbaine : remix.

Alexandre Rigal | 09.09.2014

This article aims at understanding how the urban dweller experiments the heterogeneity that emerges from the density and diversity of urban space. Two classical propositions are presented : Simmel’s figure of the blasé and the Situationnists’ figure of the dérive. However, both figures must be nuanced : the first neutralizes too many differences whereas the second intensifies them too much. Starting from these repelling figures, we discover the figure of the remix, which links the capacity to experiment differences [...]

Traversées cinématographiques en Bordelais. Peer review

Valérie Kociemba | 10.02.2014

Fiction films and television series shot in the Bordeaux area are the corpus of study of this article. Their study provides a crossing of the urban area rooted in history. The tradition of shooting in Bordeaux is a player in the local economic dynamics. Through fiction, the geographer observes a recomposition of urban transects which highlights the identity elements of the city. These elements contribute to give the town its heritage and its roots in history, its bourgeois character [...]

Concevoir l’urbain en figures.

Alexandre Rigal | 12.11.2013

Urban space is sometimes said to be irrepresentable. However, many representations and images make it comprehensible. These forms and images are spreading in our daily lives and in scientific practices through various technological tools. Trying to understand these fragmentary or reductive and totalizing representations challenges the definition of urban space. Beyond traditional representations and metaphors that deny the plurality of urban actors and objects, this article offers an intuitive survey of the representation of urban cities, of urban space [...]