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Drones d’utilité publique : Une acceptabilité controversée. Peer review

Silvana Pedrozo et Francisco Klauser | 13.07.2018

In Switzerland, the use of drones by public authorities is in full emergence since the end of the 1990s. However, public opinion regarding this technology remains largely unknown, although these aircrafts raise some crucial societal issues, in terms of surveillance, efficiency and safety. Starting from this, the present article focuses on the public perception and social acceptability of military and police drones in Switzerland. Drawing upon a quantitative opinion survey conducted in the canton of Neuchâtel, this paper demonstrates [...]

Sur le chemin et dans l’école. Peer review

Choisir son rythme en Suisse et à Madagascar.

Jean-Baptiste Bing et Muriel Monnard | 01.09.2015

It is in the classroom that children must fulfil their role as pupils. There, time management is an important issue. Outside the classroom, children walk through a plurality of transitional spaces such as corridors and playgrounds, or streets on the way to school. These areas are related to a particular time that is neither entirely free nor really supervised by adults and that children may appropriate as “their” time. Changing rhythms is therefore a way of expressing agreement and/or [...]

Vraies et fausses évidences de la géographie électorale suisse.

Remarques sur une votation populaire et son traitement graphique.

Manouk Borzakian | 27.05.2014

Various maps of the results of the 9th February 2014 Swiss vote “Against mass immigration” have been used in the debate that followed it. They offer the opportunity to question methodological decisions regarding the making of electoral maps and the ensuing statements. The maps that were the most shared on the Internet and in institutional media convey a partial view of the polls’ socio-spatial logic. In order to produce a more complete analysis and to minimise the ecological fallacy [...]

La Suisse s’étale : c’est grave, docteur ?

Christian Schwick, Jochen Jaeger, René Bertiller, Felix Kienast, L’étalement urbain en Suisse — Impossible à freiner? Urban sprawl in Switzerland — unstoppable ?, Bern, Haupt, 2012.

| 18.03.2013

Schwick, Jaeger, Kienast and Bertiller have attempted to measure urban sprawl for the first time in Switzerland and evaluate its evolution over the past 50 years. In recent years, urban sprawl has been considered a phenomenon that must be restrained, both by political and scientific communities. The book reviewed in this paper contributes to the political awareness of the phenomenon. [...]