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La subjectivation au cœur des mouvements sociaux contemporains.

Pleyers, Geoffrey et Brieg Capitaine (dirs.). 2016. Mouvements sociaux. Quand le sujet devient acteur. Paris : Maison des Sciences de l'Homme.

Gérard Martial Amougou | 26.01.2018

Subjectivization would be at the heart of contemporary social movements. Based on a critical and analytical reading of the book edited by Geoffrey Pleyers and Brieg Capitaine, this review revisits the theoretical issue of subjectivization in the apprehension of collective movements, while highlighting some of the challenges that emerge from its articulation with "global thinking". [...]

Un drôle de Sujet ?

À propos de Mbembe, Achille. 2016. Politiques de l’inimitié. Paris : La Découverte.

Gérard Martial Amougou | 30.03.2017

On the basis of his latest book, Policies of Enmity, recently published by La Découverte, this contribution questions the centrality of the notion of subject in the work of Achille Mbembe. Confronted with the current state of the new sociologies of the individual and the drifts of the modern world, the Mbembean subject, whose contours are outlined in the shadow of Frantz Fanon, is nevertheless the bearer of dilemmas. [...]

Le sujet après le sujet. Transformations d’une notion incontournable.

Paola Rebughini | 09.09.2013

In contemporary social sciences, the notion of subject has an ambivalent position : on the one hand it is a central concept, especially in relation to existentialist and political interpretations ; on the other hand it is a controversial notion that some authors have decided to forsake. The aim of this article is to show why — in spite of the critiques, the adjustments and the retrenchments — the notions of subject and subjectivity remain indispensable to speak about [...]