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Usages sociaux et spatialités du bronzage en Chine. Peer review

Être dans la norme vs. être à contre-norme.

Vincent CoëfféChristophe Guibert et Benjamin Taunay | 11.04.2019

Skin is a marker of historically constructed social and cultural norms, and embodies the tensions that may exist between what individuals and societies consider "normal" and "abnormal". If white skin in China is a socially shared aesthetic referent, sunbathing can be analysed here as an a priori deviant practice. The objective of this article is thus to understand, through the case of tanning, the social uses of the body, especially in public spaces in Chinese context. The spatiality of [...]

Spaces of Practices and of Large Social Phenomena.

Theodore Schatzki | 24.03.2015

This essay explores three prominent spatial dimensions of large social phenomena : their objective spaces, their interwoven activity timespaces, and the level(s) on which they occur. Section one discusses how practices have and make spaces, differentiating between objective space and activity (time)space. Following this, section two explains how the spaces of such large phenomena as universities, economic systems, and international federations embrace the objective spaces, and draw on the interwoven activity spaces, of the practices (the practice-arrangement bundles) they [...]