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Pratiques de la sécurité dans la ville et sûreté des espaces urbains.

Comby, Jacques (dir.) avec la coll. d’Emmanuelle Romanet-Da Fonseca. 2015. Peurs dans la ville. Urbanisme et sécurité dans l’agglomération lyonnaise XIXe-XXIe siècle. Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, coll. « Espace et territoires ».

Laura Monfleur | 26.10.2016

The collective work edited by Jacques Comby examines safety in the city and the associated urban forms through the prism of the discourses, practices and representations of actors that have been in charge of governance and urban planning in the Lyon metropolitan area since the 19th century. This book reveals the safety concerns and practices in the shaping of the city. It also offers an enlightening critical analysis. This review attempts to focus on the contributions that Comby’s book [...]

Gérer les conflits dans l’espace urbain, 18e-21e siècles.

Quentin Verreycken | 25.08.2015

La ville en ébullition is a collective work containing about fifteen contributions that discuss the management of conflicts and insecurity in urban space, from the eighteenth century until today. The papers, written by historians, sociologists, geographers and lawyers, are organized according to three thematics : the evolution of the concept of insecurity, the maintenance of order in troubled urban spaces, and the daily regulation of city dwellers through more or less authoritative means. [...]