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L’Art et le passage du temps.

Zask, Joëlle. 2013. Outdoor art, la sculpture et ses lieux. Paris : La Découverte.

Hervé Regnauld | 07.04.2014

The exhibition of outdoor art works in public areas leads to two main consequences. On the one hand the site where the work is displayed gains a new importance, on the other hand the political body which decides on the exhibition gets celebrated. This results, most often, in a well-accepted but very trite and commonplace aesthetics. Joëlle Zask’s book undertakes a precise and convincing deconstruction of these practices and questions, in depth, the idea of public space. [...]

La ville marchande : une approche ethnologique. Peer review

Emmanuelle Lallement | 23.09.2013

In this paper, the author questions the city in its market environment from an ethnological point of view. Starting from fieldworks conducted in urban areas, more specifically in Paris, this article aims at presenting an ethnological perspective of market exchange situations. It examines different urban contexts that are characterized by the size of their market, questions the formation of urban spaces and actors, and finally analyzes the place and role of trade in the city. [...]