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Self-Recognition in Data Visualization. Peer review

How Individuals See Themselves in Visual Representations.

Dario Rodighiero et Loup Cellard | 08.08.2019

This article explores how readers recognize their personal identities represented through data visualizations. The recognition is investigated starting from three definitions captured by the philosopher Paul Ricœur : the identification with the visualization, the recognition of someone in the visualization, and the mutual recognition that happens between readers. Whereas these notions were initially applied to study the role of the book reader, two further concepts complete the shift to data visualization : the digital identity stays for the present-day [...]

Les promesses de mémoire : retour sur les écrits du 9/11. Peer review

Béatrice Fraenkel | 28.04.2015

This paper consists in the analysis of the promises of memory made in New York after the 9/11 attack, such as « We Will Never Forget You », « We Will Always Remember ». As speech acts (Austin) these promises show problems of infelicity, but as written acts they offer many enunciative resources due to their materiality (autographic, signature, public displays), which is well adapted to a situation of disaster. As collective solemn public acts, the promises of memory [...]