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Les rythmes indisciplinés.

Claire Pelgrims et Armelle Hausser | 23.05.2019

This article encourages us to reflect on the existence of undisciplined rhythms, that is to say the personal manners to flow that come into tension with the tone of a given situation and induce a recomposition of the collective rhythm. This article questions the different devices of the urban design that enforce a rhythm and allow to "set the rhythm" of mobility and experience or, on the contrary, provide affordances to the performing of alternative rhythms. In the first [...]

Contre la ritournelle du territoire devenue monolangue.

Denis Retaillé | 14.09.2015

Ritornellos reassure ; monolanguage frightens. Territories are incantatory references invoked by the manipulators of symbols who seek to mobilize arguments thanks to the idea of naturality. But what is a « territory » if not an act of power ? This paper, which is briefer than a manifesto, suggests we look closer at the making of a dangerous icon whose meaning has been lost because of the multiplication of its significations. [...]

The dean on the raft.

A critical plea for the combination of Ted Schatzki’s and Jean Hillier’s socio-spatial approaches.

Michael Jonas | 12.03.2015

In this article, I make a plea for a combination of Ted Schatzki’s and Jean Hillier’s approaches. After a short introduction, I identify and discuss central aspects of Schatzki’s social site approach and Hillier’s strategic planning approach. I then argue that Schatzki’s social site approach might be more convincing and usable for practical research in geography if aspects of power, which are central to Hillier’s argumentation, are integrated. Following Lukes’s (2005) so-called radical view of power, various concepts are [...]