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Religieux et politique au Maroc.

Rhani, Zakaria. 2014. Le pouvoir de guérir. Mythe, mystique et politique au Maroc. Leiden/Boston : Brill.

Khalid Mouna | 14.09.2015

Although the anthropological literature regarding politics in Maghreb in general and Morocco in particular focuses on dichotomies such as local versus central, Zakaria Rhani’s book questions religion and politics in Morocco through the topic of healing. Myths appear to be at the foundation of political power ; they connect the local to the central. The supernatural world seems to be invested by dynamics that mobilize both genealogy and initiation. By resorting to an anthropological analysis, the author presents the [...]


Régimes d’historicité et individus contemporains.

Jacques Lévy | 17.12.2013

Among the interviews conducted in Geneva, general and abstract speeches on the future are rare. This does not prove that the future is absent from discourses and imaginations ; it could mean that the tools we use do not enable us to detect it. The “No future !” motto only informs us that historicist myths have collapsed. Meanwhile, projects have taken place. By and large, this can be explained by the increase of lifespan time scale degrees of freedom [...]