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Les Hirak au Maroc : Faut-il un nouveau regard ?

Khalid Mouna | 14.09.2018

Morocco has known, since 2011, a social mobilization that has provoked a political change ; this mobilization continues today through the various forms of Hirak : Rif, Jrada, Boycott. These new mobilizations teach us about the changes produced within the Moroccan society, but they also push us to reflect on the way to think and practice social sciences in Morocco. This paper tries to open the debate on this subject. [...]

Religieux et politique au Maroc.

Rhani, Zakaria. 2014. Le pouvoir de guérir. Mythe, mystique et politique au Maroc. Leiden/Boston : Brill.

Khalid Mouna | 14.09.2015

Although the anthropological literature regarding politics in Maghreb in general and Morocco in particular focuses on dichotomies such as local versus central, Zakaria Rhani’s book questions religion and politics in Morocco through the topic of healing. Myths appear to be at the foundation of political power ; they connect the local to the central. The supernatural world seems to be invested by dynamics that mobilize both genealogy and initiation. By resorting to an anthropological analysis, the author presents the [...]

Cannabis dans le Rif central (Maroc).

Construction d’un espace de déviance.

Khalid Mouna et Kenza Afsahi | 30.09.2014

The culture of cannabis in Morocco intensified during the 1970s in the central Rif region, thereby modifying the socioeconomic relations in place. This article questions the historic process that allowed the development of such a specific space, consistent with an intensified production of cannabis, in particular in the tribes of Ketama and Ghomara, which encouraged the shaping of the “Bled of the kif” identity. This article also analyzes the interdependence between the various actors involved in the production of [...]

Le pouvoir est-il enfin dans les mains des villes ?

Éléments d’analyse spatiale des résultats des élections législatives marocaines du 25 novembre 2011.

David Goeury | 12.05.2014

Following the 20th February movement and the vote of a new constitution on the 1st July 2011 in Morocco, parliamentary elections were held on 25th November 2011. Cartograms of electoral results show that the Moroccan political space is driven by two different spatial dynamics. On the one hand, in rural areas and sparsely populated provinces, we find the persistence of a traditional political space marked by the mobilization of the electorate around local figures acting as “députés de services”. [...]