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L’espace professionnel des médecins aux États-Unis : mythe ou réalité d’un modèle libéral « correcteur » ?

Hervé Foissotte | 01.02.2017

The problem of unequal distribution of physicians exists in all the OECD countries. However, it has a particular emphasis in the USA, due to the distances between different places and anslo between patients and physicians that are generally bigger than in Europe. This can seriously affect the physical accessibility of human medical resources. The purpose of this article is to determinate the weight of different factors of physician locations, at different scales – states, counties (according to the rural-urban [...]

Les dangers du populisme géographique.

Guilluy, Christophe. 2014. La France périphérique, comment on a sacrifié les classes populaires. Paris : Flammarion.

Stéphane Cordobes | 02.12.2014

Contemporary economic mutations contribute to undermining some parts of the French territory and their inhabitants. Thus, Christophe Guilluy depicts the geography of France as a two-tiered territory with, on the one hand, dynamic metropolitan spaces populated with cosmopolitan elites and immigrants and, on the other hand, peripheral areas reduced to poverty where the native working class and employees are relegated. According to Guilluy, the former dominates the latter in a political model that is due to collapse. His theory [...]