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Glacis mémoriels en Médoc. Peer review

À propos de la cartographie multi-strates des milieux et usages d’une rive estuarienne.

Baptiste Hautdidier | 15.11.2018

On the basis of two animated maps, the paper aims to contribute to the thinking of the mapmaking practices that are based on the overlay of various stratas. The examples suggest that the added value of such multilayered cartographies (that we choose to call glacis) is to be found in two complementary directions : that of helping to grasp the complexity of processes and stakes by building a lavish – if not blurred – general picture ; that of [...]

Quelle place pour les vieilles cartes au pays des nouvelles technologies?

| 17.12.2013

In the streets of their cities, Koreans are replacing their old maps with a new digital representation of urban space, revealing the massive societal changes underway in the land of new technology. These moves, including the promotion of the “smart city”, provide a convenient angle from which to consider the switch from the old industrial cities in decline to the new information cities on the rise. A new system is being born, drawing in the major part of the [...]