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Traversées cinématographiques en Bordelais. Peer review

Valérie Kociemba | 10.02.2014

Fiction films and television series shot in the Bordeaux area are the corpus of study of this article. Their study provides a crossing of the urban area rooted in history. The tradition of shooting in Bordeaux is a player in the local economic dynamics. Through fiction, the geographer observes a recomposition of urban transects which highlights the identity elements of the city. These elements contribute to give the town its heritage and its roots in history, its bourgeois character [...]

Traverser les paysages : le plateau de l’Aubrac sur les chemins de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. Peer review

Sébastien Nageleisen | 20.01.2014

The crossing of the Aubrac plateau is very much appreciated by all hikers/pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela. This paper uses a collection of pictures as scientific material to study the landscape on offer along this route. Landscapes are described and then compared in order to identify the specificities of the crossing of the Aubrac and beyond and, more generally, to understand how cultural routes transcend landscapes and vice versa. In this original spatial experience, various walking rhythms are [...]

Les représentations paysagères, un matériau pour la planification urbaine ? Peer review

Didier Labat | 22.05.2013

Planning tools rely on expertise in order to develop landscape guidelines on inter-communal and communal scales. The attractiveness of suburban areas renew and diversify the socio-economic components of these territories. Beyond regulatory requirements for consultation, it is recognized that participation approaches struggle to develop, especially within the territorial planning tools. In this context, do the political landscape planning documents correspond to the expectations of the people ? What impact do they have on the representations of the inhabitants ? [...]