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L’hospitalité : jusqu’où irons-nous ?

Mélanie Le Guen | 29.11.2018

This article argues that hospitality, that should have come to an end according to many authors in the social sciences, has been a fruitful theme and guideline to their practices, especially since 2015. In the social sciences, hospitality appears through new practices of social scientists as well as through the topic’s regain of topicality. This thesis is based upon a state of the art and extracts the most relevant documents to approach the relations between science as a social [...]

En finir avec l’hospitalité… ou pas.

Djigo, Sophie. 2016. Les migrants de Calais. Enquête sur la vie en transit. Marseille : Agone, coll. « Contre-feux » et Brugère, Fabienne et Guillaume Le Blanc. La fin de l’hospitalité. Lampedusa, Lesbos, Calais… jusqu’où irons-nous ? Paris : Flammarion.

Emilie Da Lage | 14.06.2017

How can we describe and analyze the multiplication, in Europe, of the areas in which asylum-seeking migrants are kept ? What concepts and methods should we use to understand what is taking place there, how these areas mark the territories ? What kind of stages in trajectories of exile are they ? How do they put at stake the democratic bases of European States ? These questions are the core of two books of philosophy which claim a particular posture : a grounded philosophy. [...]