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La guerre de l’habiter aura-t-elle lieu ?  

Olivier Lazzarotti | 28.09.2021

Reading the book “Where am I?” by Bruno Latour convinces that, at least as much as the ecological stake of the planet, it is indeed, in its fullness, the question of inhabiting it which is posed. Can ecological considerations, in particular the apocalyptic announcement of the end, be the exclusive inputs to this issue for all of humanity, that is, each and every one of its members, and well beyond? [...]

Des ignorants qui s’ignorent ?

Olivier Lazzarotti | 17.03.2021

By the originality of the theme and the approach, the work covering the period 1755-1900, is indeed that of Alain Corbin. Passing the discussions on the notion of ignorance, it opens up to both fundamental and contemporary questions on human interrelationships as well as the predictability of the world. [...]

Un homme sur la terre : le cas de Franz Schubert (1797-1828).

Lazzarotti, Olivier. 2017. Une place sur Terre ? Franz Schubert, de l'homme mort à l'habitant libre. Paris : H Diffusion.

Gabriel Dupuy | 21.06.2018

In this book Olivier Lazzarotti continues his reflection on man's geographical condition. The author sets the scene with the musician Franz Schubert. He describes the meanings of a new mobility that makes man free. [...]

Une spiritualité du donné naturel ?

Bourg, Dominique. 2018. Une nouvelle Terre. Paris : Éditions Desclée de Brouwer.

Augustin Berque | 20.06.2018

Dominique Bourg’s A New Earth shows that the modern ideal of mastering nature is ending in its contrary, a total loss of mastership. The reviewer agrees on the whole, but criticises Bourg’s conception of “natural given”, which implies determinism, whereas the relation at stake cannot be but contingent. [...]

Méduse face à Gaïa.

Latour, Bruno. 2015. Face à Gaïa. Huit conférences sur le nouveau régime climatique. Paris : La Découverte.

Alexandre Rigal | 19.04.2016

This review describes the intellectual battle that Bruno Latour engages against the Moderns in his new book Face à Gaïa, huit conferences sur le nouveau régime climatique. He uses the icon of Gaia as a weapon since, in his eyes, she can revitalize the Earth by inviting us to modify our representations of the creatures that compose it. The Moderns need to take earthly beings more into account, but they lack access to them. This is why Latour includes [...]