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Pratiques de la sécurité dans la ville et sûreté des espaces urbains.

Comby, Jacques (dir.) avec la coll. d’Emmanuelle Romanet-Da Fonseca. 2015. Peurs dans la ville. Urbanisme et sécurité dans l’agglomération lyonnaise XIXe-XXIe siècle. Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, coll. « Espace et territoires ».

Laura Monfleur | 26.10.2016

The collective work edited by Jacques Comby examines safety in the city and the associated urban forms through the prism of the discourses, practices and representations of actors that have been in charge of governance and urban planning in the Lyon metropolitan area since the 19th century. This book reveals the safety concerns and practices in the shaping of the city. It also offers an enlightening critical analysis. This review attempts to focus on the contributions that Comby’s book [...]

Des variétés de régulation de la ville compétitive. Peer review

Réflexions à partir du cas de l’agglomération lyonnaise.

Deborah Galimberti | 01.07.2013

This article aims at analysing the evolution of appropriation and implementation of the competitiveness-driven policies led by urban governments since the end of the 1970s. In assuming a critical position vis-à-vis the dominant macro analysis of urban policies, it offers a meso approach by focusing on local and national institutional and political conditions. For this purpose, this paper concentrates on the interplay between market actors (companies and interest groups) and local governments. The case of the agglomeration of Lyon [...]

Ville et marché.

Julie Pollard et Charlotte Halpern | 17.06.2013

This article uses the notion of urban market actors as an organizing concept so as to systematically examine the rhythms, scope, and direction of urban change. It argues that an analysis based on the detailed characterization of urban market actors may contribute to understanding evolving state-market dynamics in European cities. This analytic choice shifts the usual point of view, empirically exploring the place of the market in urban policy transformations and making it possible to surmount some of the [...]