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What’s happening in social-sciences research.

Thinking Places.

Nine films to place thought.

| 06.10.2015

Thinking Places is a series of nine scientific films, made with the following principle: coupling, through the language of cinema, a speech given by a scientist that works on inhabited space and a place this scientist has chosen because it has changed him/her. This method gives birth to a two-character – a thinker-actor and a place [...]

MOOC: Exploring Humans’ Space. An Introduction to Geographicity.

| 15.09.2015

A new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) starting from 21st of September 2015 invites students to explore how geography, cartography, urbanization and spatial justice play a role in shaping the notion of human space. How do we understand the notion of space? How have urbanisation, mobility, digital spaces, and globalization changed the way we perceive [...]


Rethinking Academic Paradigms

| 27.08.2015

Human knowledge ranges from pure science to pure myth. In between lies a broad gamut of conceptually different cognitive experiences and patterns of perception which represent the world in visions and theories. The authority to produce and authenticate/validate knowledge, that which allows for theoretically informed descriptions and explanations of the nature of any given social, cultural or linguistic phenomenon, however, has for years been a contested privilege among academics and field practitioners from myriad disciplines. Over-specialization, a by-product of [...]

The Intricacy of Walking and the City.

| 16.09.2014

Walking in the city today, one seems to enjoy the benefits of a growing interest that is manifest in the renewal of pedestrian policies in numerous cities around the world. This is an emerging trend particularly in central zones of high density or in ‘eco-neighbourhoods’, and is typically enhanced by the promotion of active mobility [...]

Imagine a PostCarWorld.

Concours artistique.

| 05.09.2014

Imagine there’s no private car. From one day to the other, it just disappeared. Nobody really wonders how it went about – somehow, all expected this to happen – but the question now is what to do with the rest of the day, with the weekend, with one’s life. A citizen extracts the last remnants [...]

Printanières d’

26 et 27 mai 2014. Rennes (Université Rennes 2, Campus Villejean)

| 12.05.2014

Les Printanières constituent chaque année un moment fort dans le fonctionnement de la revue ; rassemblant le comité de rédaction et l’ensemble des acteurs de la revue, ouvertes à tous et toutes, elles constituent une occasion de mise en pratique de l’interdisciplinarité au cœur du projet de recherche sur lequel se fonde la revue. C’est [...]

Quel avenir pour la géographie culturelle?


| 28.03.2014

Les années 1970-80 ont vu s’affirmer en géographie les influences de pensées philosophiques et de nouveaux courants dans les sciences sociales marqués par la déconstruction et la critique des visions représentationnelles du monde. En géographie, la généralisation du paradigme post-moderne s’est particulièrement exprimée par le biais de la géographie culturelle et des études postcoloniales (sujettes [...]

Nature et santé : les dimensions du bien-être urbain. Colloque.

Colloque. Lyon, 12-13 juin 2014.

Marc Dumont | 21.02.2014

Date de réponse : 03 mars 2014.   Les relations ville-santé font l’objet, depuis des décennies, de travaux de recherche qui font suite (ou ont accompagné) à des pratiques opérationnelles en urbanisme qui, dans ce domaine, sont restées dominées depuis le 19e siècle par des notions phares comme « l’hygiène » ou la « salubrité ». Depuis une bonne [...]

Open Access publications.

Conférences Open Access, jeudi 24 octobre 2013, EPFL (Suisse).

| 14.10.2013

In the context of the Open Access Week, the EPFL library is pleased to invite you to the event « Open Access: authors, publishers, investors and institutions for the dissemination of the scientific research’s results » that will take place at the Forum Rolex Learning Center, campus EPFL on Thursday October 24th, 2013. For the [...]

Job Offer : A High Profile Senior Scientist in Social Sciences of Space

Post-doc senior scientist in the central team of the SNF-funded, Swiss research network Sinergia project called Post-Car World.

| 16.09.2013

Framework Imagine and simulate a post-car world: an interdisciplinary approach to mobility trends in contemporary societies.  Expectations and Objectives Establish the overall final statements of the project, by collecting, integrating, modelling, mapping, synthesising the contributions of the different components; communicate and interacting with the different components of the project (3 sub-projects, 6 labs, 3 locations); [...]