Alain Guez

He's an architect-urban planner, Hdr professor, teacher in City and Territory at the Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Nancy, researcher at the Laboratoire Architecture Anthropologie (LAA/UMR LAVUE 7218 CNRS). He co-coordinates the Chronotopia project of the LAA, which works on the possible articulations between space and time in the description and transformation of inhabited spaces. His practice and research focus on the tangible forms of time, in relation to the experience and practices of contemporary cities and territories, working on the articulation between spatialities and temporalities.

Le rythme : une des formes concrètes du temps. 

Alain Guez | 02.08.2021

Rhythm is certainly one of the concrete shapes of time. The Manifesto for a Politics of Rhythm develops a convincing argument on the power of the rhythmic approach to confront the pathologies of capitalism and, more broadly, to build an emancipatory choreopolitics. In an attempt to extend the reflection, the "wager of rhythm" is discussed here on the basis of one of the Manifesto's hypotheses: rhythm is a notion that allows for the articulation of space and time. Ethnographies [...]

Des rythmes et des chronotopes

Alain Guez et Piero Zanini | 12.03.2021

The aim is to grasp the question of rhythms through an anthropological approach to the experience of urban time as it has emerged from various surveys conducted in Paris and its metropolitan region. Questioning the modalities by which certain "inhabitants" (residents and temporary residents) describe their experiences from a temporal point of view, reveals a set of elements capable of characterizing, qualifying and giving substance to the concrete and/or sensitive modalities through which an experience of time takes shape [...]