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Contre la ritournelle du territoire devenue monolangue.

Denis Retaillé | 14.09.2015

Ritornellos reassure ; monolanguage frightens. Territories are incantatory references invoked by the manipulators of symbols who seek to mobilize arguments thanks to the idea of naturality. But what is a « territory » if not an act of power ? This paper, which is briefer than a manifesto, suggests we look closer at the making of a dangerous icon whose meaning has been lost because of the multiplication of its significations. [...]

Le pré-texte photographique.

Martin Parr et la Goutte d’Or.

Hécate Vergopoulos | 30.04.2012

From April 2011, the 6th till July 2011, the 2nd an exhibition was presented at the Institut des Cultures d’Islam (Ici) in Paris. Named The Goutte d’Or, it showed photographs taken by the English artist Martin Parr. Its objective was to change to way citizens would look at this Parisian district that keeps being stigmatised by the medias for its immigration-, secularism-, crime- or prostitution-related issues. This paper aims to analyse the Ici’s discourses [...]