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Les espaces du plaisir.

Analyse géographique des Contes de La Fontaine.

Mathieu Bermann et Magali Hardouin | 22.10.2012

Numerous literary papers focusing on the topic of space have emerged during the past twenty years (Chevalier, 2001, Clerc, 2012, Dupuy, 2009, Lévy, 1999, Lévy, 2006, Lévy-Piarroux, 2003, Manguel, Guadalupi, 1998, Tissier, 1995). In La Fontaine’s Contes, actions and characters are often specifically located in one or several places by the author. Besides, a link between time and space is made in the narrative, and the allusion to space enhances the readability and understanding of the narration. In other [...]