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Les citoyens-artisans dans la ville.

Thomas Riffaud. 2020. L’espace public artisanal. Grenoble : Elya Éditions.

Kevin Clementi | 11.10.2021

This article reviews the book L’espace public artisanal by Thomas Riffaud (2020). The book offers an interesting point of view by focusing on the figure of the « artisan », a citizen who by his appropriation of public spaces participates in their production. The volume is composed of three parts that describe this ideal-type, and the contours of his action in the contemporary city. Three case studies are also proposed in the last chapter. In this article, we review [...]

Un parking enchanté ? Trois jours de « Revanche des semis » avec la compagnie Le Phun. Peer review

Catherine Aventin | 30.10.2020

During three days and three nights a central car park is turned into a vegetable garden by a street theater company ( The Phun) The garden will disappear without warning as suuddenly as it appeared. This article proposes to explore how poetic fiction interacts with the daily use and perceptions of this place by the inhabitants. While the performers are busy growing, watering, picking plants and feeding farm animals the enchantment works and turns ordinary reality into extraordinary reality. [...]

Nous, le barabiku.

Un rhizome de chair et d’os.

Xavier BernierOlivier Lazzarotti et Jacques Lévy | 03.06.2019

The word "barbecue" comes from an Arawak language, but it actually encompasses very ancient practices. BBQ has once epitomised a family-focused, partially communal lifestyle. Now, its presence in public space makes a difference and is playing a part in the emerging society of individuals as a global civil rhizome. [...]

Toilettes en tous genres.

Graves dissensions au sein du cabinet.

Xavier BernierOlivier Lazzarotti et Jacques Lévy | 14.09.2018

Controversies, sometimes strongly conflictual, on public toilets signs tell us something about the state of a notable societal debate : can we choose our sex or should we comply with what (various) others say ? Do we want a hyper-gendered or a post-gender world ? [...]