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Support for the journal

The journal has existed for 35 years already. First in a paper edition, then as an electronic version, this interdisciplinary journal for the social sciences could not have survived until the present day without the motivation of its contributors and the trust of its readership, but also without the support of institutional and financial sponsors.

 The combination of these three factors means that today, can position itself as one of the journals of reference for the field of the social sciences. Since its migration online in 2002, the journal has published more than 900 academic articles and collaborated with around 2000 authors from 80 national and international institutions from countries such as Germany, England, Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain, as well as the United States, Canada or Japan.

In May 2010, the journal took a decisive turn with its new online layout. The chosen graphic direction now allows for a better highlighting of published articles, as well as an increased valuation of the journal’s partners, on a page that is specifically dedicated to them. This signature look consequently simplifies the search for new sponsors and also allows for investigations into new forms of support from an enlarged target audience.

 Would you like to lend your support to the journal Nothing could be more simple!

 You wish to lend your support to the journal financially

 Three modes of support are possible:

 –       A donation

–       A specific punctual support

–       A contractual support over the long term

 A donation

You are a sponsor for whom the social sciences deserve particular support, or you appreciate the quality of’s editorial direction. In this case, you may make a donation to our Paypal account.

 A specific punctual support

As well as managing the editorial life of, the committee of the journal punctually works on Traverse dossiers in relation to research projects in the social sciences led within the framework of the journal.

These research projects and their highlighting through the Traverse dossiers or through articles often necessitate supplementary human resources for the treatment and analysis of data. A punctual financial support would help in the fulfilment of these tasks.

 A contractual support over the long term

 The journal benefits from long term support from institutions that demonstrates their long-standing trust. This important funding has enabled to hire an Editorial Manager, in order to ensure serious editorial monitoring. However, in a bid to diversify its sources of funding, is also committed to applying for funding to foundations, intitutions and companies.

 If you are a potential sponsor and would like to support the journal, we will be happy to meet with you in order to present more fully, and discuss with you the possible modes of financial support.