illustration Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria


Here are the main questions that serve as guidelines for the reviewers in their analysis of the articles:
  • Is the contribution to knowledge significant?
  • Is the interdisciplinary perspective highlighted by this article? Is readability guaranteed, notably for readers unfamiliar to the field?
  • Is the argumentation rigorous and convincing?
  • Is the empirical grounding correct?
  • Is previous knowledge of the object of study mastered to satisfaction?
  • Is the textual structure (layout, logical bindings) coherent?
  • Is the relation between the size and the content coherent ?
  • Is the language (style, syntax) acceptable?
  • Do the illustrations contribute effectively to the argumentative development? (Illustrations: tables, graphs, maps, photos, drawings.)

The reviewers must give a brief appreciation and select one of the following options:

A May be published as is.

B May be published subject to certain modifications (to be specified and argued).

C May be published subject to heavy rewriting (to be specified and argued).

D May not be published (to be argued).