Piero Zanini

He's a senior researcher at the Laboratoire Architecture Anthropologie (LAA/UMR LAVUE 7218 CNRS) and associate lecturer in humanities and social sciences at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-la-Villette. His works focus on a complex reading of inhabited places, and the tensions that run through them, with the purpose of articulating in the present both the lived experience and the past and future horizons in which it is embedded.

Des rythmes et des chronotopes

Alain Guez et Piero Zanini | 12.03.2021

The aim is to grasp the question of rhythms through an anthropological approach to the experience of urban time as it has emerged from various surveys conducted in Paris and its metropolitan region. Questioning the modalities by which certain "inhabitants" (residents and temporary residents) describe their experiences from a temporal point of view, reveals a set of elements capable of characterizing, qualifying and giving substance to the concrete and/or sensitive modalities through which an experience of time takes shape [...]