Mélina Germes

Mélina Germes is a Researcher in Geography at the French CNRS, PASSAGES institute and works in the fields of urban studies and critical cartography (theory and practice). Her current research are about drug policies and use, with participative and collaborative methods. She is codirecting the French-German project DRUSEC “Drugs, Securities, Urban policies” and the European project “Governing the Narcotic City”, about gender and partying consumption practices.

Comment habitent les sujets marginalisés ?   Peer review

Émotions des usagers et usagères de drogue.

Mélina GermesRoxane ScavoMélina Germes et Roxane scavo | 14.09.2021

The aim of this paper is to show how marginalized drug users who frequent low threshold drug facilities inhabit urban spaces in two cities, Bordeaux and Berlin. With a social geography approach informed with sociology of emotions and critical cartography methods, we led emotional mapping interviews and produced cartographic collages from the results. We present the inhabiting topography of each city, the constant production and movement of makeshift homes, as well as the relationships with others from the perspective [...]