Gérard Martial Amougou

Gérard Amougou holds a doctorate in political and social sciences from the University of Liège and a doctorate in political science from the University of Yaoundé II. His research focuses on human rights and political development in Africa, individualization/subjectivization and the problematic of the individual subject. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Yaoundé II, in the project "The Developmental State Strikes Back ? The Rise of New Global Powers and African States' Development Strategies". This research program is financed jointly by the Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research (FNS) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). Gérard Amougou is a researcher at CERDAP (UYII), Paul Ango Ela Foundation (Yaoundé) and South Pole (ULiège). He is also a visiting researcher at the CriDIS/SMAG (UCL) and a founding member of the Dynamique de Recherche en Sciences Politiques et Sociales (DReSPS). He published, among others, "Le sujet individuel comme un nouvel objet de la discipline sociologique ?" (2016. Cahiers de Recherche Sociologique, n° 59-60 : p. 47-60), "Jeunesse entreprenante et processus d’auto-prise en charge au Cameroun" (2016. Revue Jeunes et Société, vol. 1, n° 2 : p. 79-97), "Un drôle de sujet ?" (2017. EspacesTemps.net) and "L’individualisation saisie par la subjectivation en Afrique sub-saharienne. Prolégomènes théoriques et notes provisoires" (2017. Working Paper CriDIS, n° 55, Série "Subjectivité/Subjectivation").

Entre capacité de nuisance et facultés de réinvention du monde.

Badie, Bertrand. Quand le Sud réinvente le monde. Essai sur la puissance de la faiblesse. Paris : La Découverte.

Gérard Martial Amougou | 26.07.2019

A major factor in the current turbulence of global society, the power of weakness would undermine the realistic reading of international relations. The failure of the Westphalian model would give way to the emergence of new forms of self-assertion and conflictualism by the South. However, it seems that the reinvention of the international system advocated by Badie still requires a closer contextualization of the South, in order to better support the notion of the power of weakness. [...]

Une esquisse sociohistorique de la lente émergence du citoyen-souverain au Cameroun. Peer review

Gérard Martial Amougou | 19.04.2018

This article explores, from a sociohistorical and sociobiographical standpoint, the conditions of emergence of the sovereign-citizen in Cameroon. Prior to the structuring of a dynamic society, self-determination is rooted in individual subjectivity, while informing processes of social transformation, beyond the sociohistorical vicissitudes. The aim is to sketch a theory of the sovereign-citizen, starting from the logic of actions likely to inform the new issues of production of the contemporary. [...]

La subjectivation au cœur des mouvements sociaux contemporains.

Pleyers, Geoffrey et Brieg Capitaine (dirs.). 2016. Mouvements sociaux. Quand le sujet devient acteur. Paris : Maison des Sciences de l'Homme.

Gérard Martial Amougou | 26.01.2018

Subjectivization would be at the heart of contemporary social movements. Based on a critical and analytical reading of the book edited by Geoffrey Pleyers and Brieg Capitaine, this review revisits the theoretical issue of subjectivization in the apprehension of collective movements, while highlighting some of the challenges that emerge from its articulation with "global thinking". [...]

Un drôle de Sujet ?

À propos de Mbembe, Achille. 2016. Politiques de l’inimitié. Paris : La Découverte.

Gérard Martial Amougou | 30.03.2017

On the basis of his latest book, Policies of Enmity, recently published by La Découverte, this contribution questions the centrality of the notion of subject in the work of Achille Mbembe. Confronted with the current state of the new sociologies of the individual and the drifts of the modern world, the Mbembean subject, whose contours are outlined in the shadow of Frantz Fanon, is nevertheless the bearer of dilemmas. [...]

Une approche autre de l’individualité.

Emmanuel Lozerand (dir.). 2014. Drôles d’individus. De la singularité individuelle dans le Reste-du-monde. Paris : Klincksieck.

Gérard Martial Amougou | 01.12.2015

Si la question de l’individualisation reste largement à écrire au sein des sociétés occidentales, le traitement de l’individualité dans le Reste-du-monde semble davantage pressant. L’ouvrage collectif dirigé par Emmanuel Lozerand esquisse un panorama des conceptions plurielles de l’individu ailleurs, que la présente contribution se propose de rendre intelligible tout en explorant quelques perspectives. [...]