Enka Blanchard

Enka Blanchard is a post-doctoral researcher currently working on the Digitrust project at the University of Lorraine. After studying mathematics and computer science at ENS Paris and University Paris Diderot, they recently defended their PhD on human aspects of security systems, with a focus on authentication and voting systems. They currently work on several different transdisciplinary issues such as usability of security, institution design, and the interactions between crip theory and queer theory.

Crip spatialities and temporalities I : discreet crips in a discrete world

Enka Blanchard | 27.03.2020

This article explores the relationships that disabled people have with the space surrounding them. Extending Jacques Lévy’s work on various non-Euclidean spatialities, we study the discontinuous and discrete nature of space as inhabited by disabled people, with a focus on people with physical impairments. We start at a local scale, with perceptions of one’s body, of one’s environment, and the algorithmic nature of conscious movement. Lack of autonomy, often a consequence of society’s (lack of) accessibility, creates an experience [...]