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Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board encompasses several members, all co-directors of :


Editorial Board.

Barbara Julien (Editorial manager).

Kelly Harrisson  (Editorial assistant).

Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee of includes its co-directors plus a group of external experts designated by the Editorial Board to evaluate articles:

Marlène Albert (Anthropology), François Audigier (History), Dominique Bachelart (Education sciences), Jean-Marie Baldner (Photography), Vincent Barras (History of medicine), Boris Beaude (Geography), Augustin Berque (Geography, Orientalism), Yannick Bosc (History), Marc Breviglieri (Sociology), Eric Charmes (Sociology, Urbanism and spatial planning), Jérôme Chenal (Architecture, Urbanism), Anne-Sophie Clémençon (History, Urbanism), Cristina D’Alessandro-Scarpari (Human geography), Isabelle Danic (Sociology), Béatrice David (Anthropology) Andrea Del Lungo (French literature), Laurent Devisme (Urbanism, Urban sociology), Elisabeth Dorier-Apprill (Geography), Olivier Evrard (Anthropology), Caroline Gallez (Applied economics), Christian Grataloup (Geography), Florence Haegel (Political science), Camille Hamidi (Political science), Marc Jeannerod (Cognitive science), Dominique Joye (Political science, Sociology), Barak Kalir (Anthropology), Vincent Kaufmann (Urban sociology, Mobility analysis), Fanny Letisser (Geography), Marielle Macé (Modern French literature), Jean-Paul Maréchal (Economy), Lorenza Mondada (Linguistics), Valérie November (Geography, Sociology of sciences and techniques), Johan Oszwald (Geography), Francesco Panese (Sociology), Géraldine Pflieger (Urbanism, Urban and environmental policies), Patrick Poncet (Geography), Anne Querrien (Sociology, Urbanism), Florinel Radu (Architecture), François Rastier (Linguistics, Semantic), Bertrand Réau (Sociology), Xuefei Ren (Sociology), Emmanuelle Renaud-Héllier (Geography), Blandine Ripert (Ethnology, Geography), Julien Rosemberg (Patrimony, culture and cultural policies), Christian Ruby (Philosophy), Françoise Sabban (Historical anthropology) Sabine Saurugger (Political science), François Sicot (Sociology), Jean-François Staszak (Geography), Sébastien Tank (Anthropology, Sociology), Jean-Michel Tobelem (Cultural management and economy), Françoise Vergès (Political science), Vincent Veschambre (Geography), Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud (Linguistics, Stylistic, Art), Tommaso Vitale (Urban sociology), Anne Volvey (Geography), Yves Winkin (Sociology).


They contribute punctually or regularly to the journal with articles and participate to the annual meeting organised by the journal.

Interested people are invited to contact the redaction.