Barak Kalir

Barak Kalir is lecturer at the International School for Humanities and Social Science (Ishss)at the University of Amsterdam. He studied anthropology, sociology and economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His ma studies in anthropology were carried out at the University of Chile and the University of Amsterdam, from which he graduated with honour (cum laude). His PhD was obtained at the Amsterdam School of Social Science Research with a dissertation entitled Christian Aliens in the Jewish State: Undocumented Migrants from Latin America Striving for Practical National Belonging in Israel. The book explores the immigration, settlement and life-strategies of non-Jewish workers from Latin America in Israel. Since 2006 Barak Kalir works as a post-doctoral researcher, investigating the (il)legal immigration of Chinese workers to Israel.

Evaluating Academia.

Between Old Hierarchy and New Orthodoxy.

Pál Nyíri et Barak Kalir | 12.07.2010

There is a growing body of literature and events critiquing the spread of ‘audit cultures’1 in Western research institutions.In brief, these audit cultures imply the assignment of numerical values to the ‘output’ of researchers, the ranking and/or financing of institutions, departments and/or individuals based on these values, and, perhaps most significantly, the dependence of the [...]